Saturday, September 3, 2011

Photo Challenge

Bottle of Kindness

I have been MIA from blogging recently.
Since I got my new camera,
I have been learning and experimenting.

Pop the Cork

To push myself out of my usual box,
I joined a daily challenge group on Flickr.
There is a new topic each day,
and you are to submit a photo using your interpretation for that topic.
It has been great fun so far.

The Hiding Place

My blog post is missing the stories that go with
some of my choices, but they can be found by clicking
the photo, which takes you to Flickr, if you like.

Blue Among the Blooms

Garden Visitor

Must Be Monday

Mr. H will have surgery the middle of this month for a knee replacement.
We are busy getting some last minute things done
around the house before he is put out of commission for a while.
I will not be posting much,
but I may drop in quickly and do some photo sharing.
Hope you have a great weekend.


Denise said...

Good pictures....... I love the one called "blue"... I an NO good with a camera and never have been ... Praying for speedy recover for Mr H.. My SIL has her second hip replacement on Tuesday this next week and then 4 months later has her second knee replacement..... She is only 60 and is having a terrible time with her bones.

Cooling off here thank goodness.... so tired of this hot summer....... Time for beautiful colors and orange pumpkins.....

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

Great photos - you have a wonderful talent and a fabulous eye.

vikki said...

Great photos..good luck to your hubby with the knee

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, your pictures are wonderful--you have a great artistic eye!! Prayers for a successful surgery and a quick recovery for your hubby. He will feel like a new man!!
Smiles, Karen

Adrienne said...

Beautiful photos! Thoughts and prayers for your hubby as he recovers from surgery.

Nan said...

Good luck to Mr. H on the surgery. Love all your photos you are doing fantastic I'd say!!

Kathleen Grace said...

These photos are great! I would love to join a group like that, how did you find them? Gotta love that red polka dot ironing board cover:>)

Sweet Cottage Dreams said...

Beautiful! what kind of camera did you get?

Holding Mr. H. in prayer....


Mrs. Cherry Heart said...

Best wishing to hubby! I pray everything goes well and he has a speedy recovery and is a good patient!

Lallee thank you so very much for sending up prayers for my dear grandson. Much appreciated!

Hugs, Dolly

P.S. what kinda camera are you using? I am looking into getting a better one for better pictures!